CSR Hebel

Strong and solid, Hebel panels contain corrosion protected steel reinforcement for maximum strength and durability.

Hebel is a strong, versatile, high performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). As Australia’s only manufacturer of AAC, CSR Hebel has over 30 years of experience meaning you can be assured you are getting a high quality product with the technical expertise to back it up.

Available in blocks and panels, Hebel is easy to handle, quick to build, and better to live in.

Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for added strength and are available in a range of lengths for applications including walls, floors and external cladding.

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Benefits of Hebel

Strong & Solid

Hebel panels and blocks are high performance building products made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels contain corrosion protected steel reinforcement for maximum strength and durability.


Independent testing shows that overall, Hebel has a 30% lower environmental impact than concrete or brick veneer. Hebel panels use 60% less embodied energy and produce 55% less greenhouse emissions compared to concrete or brick veneer, making it a more sustainable, environmentally friendly choice of building material.

Quality & Speed

Building with Hebel can mean faster construction times, without sacrificing on quality. One standard Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means the Hebel walls of a 150m2 home can go up as quickly as within 3 days when installed by experienced Hebel installers

Noise Reduction

Building with Hebel help reduces sound transmission including noise from external sources such as traffic. When used for floors Hebel panels reduce sound transference between levels as well. walls reduces noise from external sources like traffic, meaning more peace and quiet.

Energy Efficient

Hebel panels have superior insulation qualities compared to other masonry products. For example tests have shown that a house built with Hebel PowerPanelXL performs better than brick veneer in terms of both heating and cooling.
* Based on Comfort Tune Assessment conducted in January 2016 on a 346m2 house in metro NSW.

Fire Resistant

Hebel is renowned for its fire resistant properties, and is a non-combustible building material. Hebel systems have been tested by the CSIRO and are proven to achieve Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) of 60 minutes through to 240 minutes, and meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories. This makes it an ideal choice in bushfire zones.

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